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    Hello, I received a charge for $49 from my paypal account. I don’t use WordPress. I would like to cancel whatever I might have signed up for and receive a refund. My email addresss is (email redacted). My paypal email is jenniferborobia@gmail



    Have you already checked that charge at https://wpchrg.wordpress.com/?


    Hi @jenniferamericasmith, I don’t see any charges on the account you’re writing us from. If you don’t know what account is the one with subscriptions, it’s best to check it on the site that @startmees mentioned: https://wpchrg.wordpress.com/

    You’ll be able to use the Contact Us link on that page to contact our billing support team directly for further help with this – to track down the transaction we’ll need to get some additional information from you which we cannot discuss here in the public forums.

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