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feed article to facebook

  1. Hi TT , I see all your article at the end , you have many button , these button i think is for user to click , so that when there is new article , it will feed info to them. or otherway round. not so sure , any article for me to get to know more ? and also doc for how to implement them if any ?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. social bookmarks >

  3. i have scan thru , not sure it there any free services one ? because i don't wish to spend the money now , i just want to get to know before i invest. in case there are free social book mark , kindly give me the link.

  4. It's a free service that relies on donations. The link is above.

  5. The ttitle says Facebook on this thread. This post contains 5 ways you can update your Facebbook fan page with a snippet and link from your blog posts:

  6. After reading all the link i get to read your post and also read the fourm and end up i think -> is right option , the problem is after get to this web site , i don't know what to do , can provide me more information , so that i can move on.

  7. @Paul

      <il>Once you have completed your post you copy the post title and open a second tab to the get social site. </il>
      <il> There you copy and paste the post title into the top line, and return to the post. </il>

    • You copy the URL of the post, return to the open tab and paste the post URl into the second line. </il>
    • Choose the style and size of buttons you prefer and click "get social". </il>
    • You will then have the code on your clipboad. </il>
    • Now you go back to the post and switch from "Visual" to "HTML" in the editor and paste the code in at the end of the post. </il>
    • Publish the post. </il>
  8. Hi TT , okay i manage to get it work , many thank.
    Now i need to set up face book to check does it post there it is ?

  9. I'm laughing because I did not correct my dyslexia errors above before I clicked submit ... lol :D

    Just ignore all the <il> 's - The rest of the instructions are fine.

  10. Yes it updates Facebook and Twitter too.

  11. yes now i found that my face book is update with the article . it is not that diff as i think.

  12. Good. I'm happy that you are happy. G'night.

  13. good night . sweet dream

  14. Hi TT, i have personal blog freely after registering in I was looking for the facebook wadget in my theme, but, there was no there. How do i import social bookmarks from into my theme ?

    thank you

  15. @firdausadnan
    There is no import not automatic means of posting these social bookmarks.

    To manually add getsociallive bookmarks to the end of each of your posts:
    (1) complete your post
    (2) copy the post title
    (3) open a new tab and go to the getsociallive site
    (4)and paste it into the title spot provided
    (5) return to the posts and copy the URL
    (6) to the getsociallive site and paste it into the URL spot provided
    (7) select the style of buttons you want and click
    (8) now click "get social"
    (9) the code will appear in the box
    (10) copy the code and return to the posts
    (11) switch to the HTML editor and and paste the code at the end of your post
    (12) publish the post

    P.S. It took longer to type the instructions here than it does to create and add the bookmarks to a post. :)

  16. thank you so much, it's working well.

  17. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

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