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    My blog at http://dtpsl.wordpress.com is displayed the way I would like it, but I would like my blog entries (prefereably with time and date of entry) fed to my front page as a quick quote or a highlight of the first few lines of the entry automatically.

    I only want the blog entry fed to the front page, not the ensuing visitor comments for those entries. My theme is Andreas04 which is no longer available on the presentation page. Andreas09 doesn’t suit my style.

    I would also like to be able to specifiy how many of the latest blog entries get fed to my front page (ie, 1-5 etc) Does anyone know how to do this or have a link to perform this?



    Insert the feed URL of your blog in a RSS widget on your sidebar.
    Your theme is not available in the presentation page because it’s the theme you chose.



    Thank you So much isadora :D (I blame the theme thing on my blonde hair, the damn roots keep getting into the brain) :D



    However, I would like the feed to be displayed in the body, not in a sidebar. I already have a feed of entries as a widget in the sidebar. (as seen on my current front page (home)). I tried to clarify this in my original post.



    When i go to my dashboard > Options > Reading I have these settings chosen:

    Front Page
    Front page displays:
    A static page (select below)

    Front page: Vol 1, 2008
    Posts page: Press Room

    Blog Pages
    Show at most: 10 posts

    Syndication Feeds
    Show the most recent: 10 posts

    For each article, show:

    Summary (selected)

    Encoding for pages and feeds: UTF-8
    The character encoding you write your blog in (UTF-8 is recommended)

    Enhanced Feeds
    For each article, show: (all are selected)
    Comment count
    Add to Stumbleupon
    Add to Del.icio.us
    Add to Digg.com
    Add to Reddit

    Yet nothing gets fed to my static front page…absolutely nothing. The only reason there is something there now, is because I put those entries in the static front page manually. It was compleetely blank prior to that.


    You cannot put a feed in a page and part of the reason for that I suspect is that that is what sploggers do. I just took one down that was doing that with my feed – surrounded by enough google ads to sink a ship. I have no set my feed to display only two posts, and only a summary.

    My suggestion would be to use the more tag on each post after a sentence or two, or however many you want to use.



    I’m not sure anyone understands the question. WP already offers a dashboard page (options>reading, which is the reading options) to do what i want, to take the blog posts and feed them to a static page (in this case my front page). It’s not doing this. None of my blog posts have showed up on the static page (the home/front page).



    I think we understand. I’m not sure you do. There is no way to do what you want.



    Thank you vivian, so the dashboard reading setting is pointless and useless correct?



    No, the reading setting works and is very useful, too. The option you chose:
    “Front page displays: A static page (select below)”
    puts a static page in front. The reason why it is called “static” is, that the page is not supposed to change often, on the contrary of dynamic pages, like the one where your posts appear. Post will never show up on the static page, because of it being static. If you want posts to show up on the front page you’ll have to revert this option to its standard setting.



    Yes, you can. Not automatically, but manually with few clicks. Go to this page: http://www.freetipsandwits.com/feed/build.php and paste this link of your feed. Use this url http://dtpsl.wordpress.com/feed/atom/ select the options that you want, date, line, utf8, etc… than generate feed html and you have the html code to paste in your page.
    It’s simple, With few clicks. I use it in my blog http://butindaro.wordpress.com/ for related post.




    I know this reply is wicked late but you can do this. Just check out this page (http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/query_posts). As long as your “static” page is handled through WordPress using the setting under Reading in the Dashboard, you can do it.

    To the rest of you nay-sayers, shame on you for writing something so definitive without research. I just did this on my own WordPress blog and it works just fine. A “static” home page that pulls in content from my “dynamic” blog on another page. It’s easy to do.



    This is wordpress.com. We do not have access to any of the underlying theme or wordpress files here, so we cannot modify them. Your suggestion does not work here.

    It’s best if you understand what you are talking about before you rip into the volunteers and moderators here calling us nay-sayers.



    @irocket: if you keep switching themes you might come across one that displays “excerpts” on the homepage instead of “full posts”.



    The other thing you could do is to insert the more tag into each of your posts after the first paragraph. I would not put it in the middle of a paragraph though. Perhaps make the first paragraph a short one.

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