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Feed counter on my blog

  1. I would like to know how to put a feed counter on my blog to show how many feed readers my blog has to the visitors of my blog.
    I saw this service on many blogs by feedburner but I don't know how that works with wordpress.
    Thanks for an answer

  2. -> Dashboard -> Feed Stats

  3. > Dashboard -> Feed Stats let me see how many readers I have but it doesn't let me put a button on my blog displaying how many rss readers my blog has.

  4. As your feed readers go up and down from day to day you can use a text widget and manually update it as required.

  5. I don't think there is any way to automatically show the number of feed readers you have.

  6. I think you're right judy :) ie. I don't know of an automatic way to display them so creating and updating a text widget seems to be the only way to achieve this.

  7. @TT:
    That's what i meant; i should have put a /nod to you in there ;-)

  8. No problem at all. :)

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