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Feed for 'My Comments'

  1. You know what would be really cool? A feed for the 'My Comments' section of the Dashboard.

    I don't want to subscribe to every comment feed in which i post something; an aggregate would be way better (and help foster even more communication within the community, i think).

  2. Love the tags. ;)

    Well, you've got Dashboard -> My Comments, but I find that really annoying to use. I'd much rather see something along the lines of just showing me the post and the amount of new comments instead of something that clutters up the whole page.

  3. Well, you've got Dashboard -> My Comments, but I find that really annoying to use.

    Exactly. What i was thinking of was just an RSS feed of that page, which i can then view in whatever feed aggregator i normally use.

    I tried adding '/feed' to the end of the URL, just in case, but no dice :-)

  4. I don't want or need a feed to My Comments. I have a coComment account (firefox addons) for the comments I make on blogs whether or not they are blogs.

    I have a dashboard display that I also find to be annoying like carocat says and for the same reasons.

  5. @judyb12
    Check out the firefox addon. You may like it. :)

  6. I don't like CoComment, so my current only option is to subscribe to every blog's comment feed even if I just comment once...

  7. i've tried cocomment and and have been less than impressed with both.

    It takes forever for cocomment comments to show up (and their support wasn't exactly stellar when i inquired about the problem).'s server is often down or unavailable.

    Plus for both of them it involves yet another membership to yet another website, blah, blah, blah.

    I just figured that the ability to track my comments was already available via 'My Comments', so a feed for it would be the next logical step. It's not as if adding a feed would add any more clutter to the Dashboard.

  8. At this point in time I rarely go near the "My Comments" on my dashboard and this is why. In many cases, outside of our own blogging community at when one makes a comment on a blog there is a checkbox that we can choose to click if we want to receive the comments that come after our own. On blogs we do not have this checkbox option. Once we make a comment we will receive every comment ever made on that post whether we want to or not.

    Consequently, days, weeks, months and years later we have new comments appearing. Some people do not close their comments on old posts and/or do not "attend" to their blogs and others even abandon them with comments left open so I have been seeing lengthy spam posts on months old blog posts appearing in My Comments.

    I would very much like to see the option to choose whether or not to "keep receiving comments" introduced.

  9. @judyb12
    To be clear I'm not arguing against a "My Comments" feed being introduced. As I said above I have no desire or need for one. You apparently do - so go for it! :)

  10. umm, ok, but that's not what we're talking about here ;-)

    I am not suggesting different functionality for 'My Comments' but rather an additional way to see the information.

  11. @TT

    didn't see your latest post. No worries ;-)

  12. If you want or need an additional way to see information then - go for it! :)

  13. +1

    really great idea which would be next logical step indeed.

    one thing I should add is, such a feed should have an option making it as 'private' -- so that this feed would be available to you only. most of decent feed readers I know are able to authentificate themseves in order to read protected feeds.

    by analogy, another idea would be to provide a feed of the subscribed .com blogs (so called 'Blog Surfer' on Dashboard). in view 'Blog Surfer' can read private blogs, that'd be kinda similar to the LJ's Friend feed.

  14. such a feed should have an option making it as 'private' -- so that this feed would be available to you only

    Good point, options. Knowing nothing about privacy as it relates to RSS, i hadn't even thought about that.

    Thanks for the thumbs up; i'll be submitting this idea to staff once regular support opens up.

  15. Thanks for everyone's input. I sent this idea to support, and Mark has passed it along (thanks, Mark).

    I'll mark this thread 'Resolved'

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