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Feed for pages or pages and posts

  1. I'm using the Twenty-Ten theme and I've created a website in which every page of the site is a wordpress page rather than a post. I have a feed created for comments. How do I create a feed for pages?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't. Pages do not have feeds, because they are designed for non-dynamic content.

  3. Thanks, raincoaster. I suspected that was the case. So, complete sites can be built with pages, but visitors will have to visit the site directly instead of reading the feed. I have a What's New page to tell visitors about new pages, and that will have to do.

    Hmmmm... I do have a feed for comments to the pages, so I could use a comment to tell people about new pages. I'll give that some thought. Maybe I can make the What's new page a post and thus get a feed for it.

    Thanks again, raincoaster!

  4. I really think you're making a terrible mistake using Pages instead of Posts, but as long as you do so with that warning in mind, go for it.

  5. I'll do a "what she said" on Raincoaster. Posts have a lot of advantages that pages can never match.

  6. I appreciate your warning, raincoaster. My site existed for about 15 years as a second generation hosted site. I decided to duplicate it via wordpress as an easy way to get comments on each page. By using pages instead of posts, I was able to duplicate the hierarchical structure of the site via a custom menu. Perhaps I could have done the same thing with a custom menu of categories, I don't know. I'm a new WP user and am still learning. Everything seems to be working now. The only post in the site is the What's New page, and I have that as a post so it will show in the post feed. The other pages are static and don't appear in the post feed. That's OK since the What's New page is in the post feed and gives links to the new pages of the site.

    The only glitch that I'm aware of is that the post feed via feedburner still shows the original home page which was a post. I've trashed that post and flushed the trash, but feedburner still shows the post in the feed. It looks to me like a feedburner-cache problem. I'm ignoring it for now since it is identical to the new home page which is a static page.

    The site is at for those interested in seeing what I've done.

  7. Perfect. The Feedburner cache cleaned itself out, so now the What's New post is the only post in the post feed. I had done a <shift-refresh> to clear the FB cache, but that didn't do it.

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