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    I am trying to start a podcast on my blog and have created a separate category called ‘podcast’ which I want to burn with feedburner and then send to itunes. I followed the instructions in the forums and support site but feedburner will not validate my feed with the following address:


    I get this error message instead:

    This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.

    line 28, column 128: Unregistered link relationship: search [help]

    … minus.com/osd.xml” title=”Disseminus” />
    line 70, column 0: item contains more than one enclosure (6 occurrences) [help]

    <enclosure url=”http://disseminus.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/heart-vs-reaso …


    I am at a loss with what to do from here on??

    Also I am concerned that the uploaded audio file in my entry is listed multiple times in the feed URL – is this normal?

    The blog I need help with is disseminus.com.



    http://disseminus.com/category/podcast/feed/ would be the feed for the podcast category. See here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/audio/podcasting/

    I note that you’ve created podcast as a sub-category of “community”,
    http://disseminus.com/category/community/podcast/ (to get the feed just add “feed/” at the end) but I do not know how feedburner will treat that.

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