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Feed for Private blog does exist but doesn't appear to be valid

  1. The Feeds page and various discussion topics state that there are no feeds for Private blogs, yet a Private blog I've been invited to actually does link to a feed URL which, when visited in my browser, does show the blog's articles.

    However, when I try to subscribe to that feed in either Thunderbird or Feedreader (understanding that I will have to provide login credentials to access them), both report that there is an error with the feed. Again, in my browser (Firefox), the feed looks like a normal feed with the articles listed.
    Blog url:

  2. So you're saying that the feed exists but can only be viewed in a browser, not subscribed to? Sounds reasonable, since only people entitled to view the blog can view the feed.

  3. But authenticated feeds exist, and (some) Feedreaders give you the ability to add authentication credentials. In fact, there's no reason for the RSS feed to exist at all if it's not going to work in such readers. Nobody actually reads the feeds in a browser, that's just how you discover them and confirm that they exist.

    And, the help here says that the feed shouldn't exist at all for a private blog. But it does. I *think* when I checked this in the past, it did not. So I thought maybe they intended it to work now.

  4. I have heard that email notifications are enabled for private blogs, and for that to work, an RSS feed would need to exist.

  5. No the intention is not for the RSS feeds on private blogs to be operational. As soon as you change the blog visibility setting to private it's not operational and it will not become operational unless you set the blog visibility to public.

  6. @timethief, that's what the support documents say, but it's simply not true right now. At least not for the one private blog I'm looking at. Unless that's a bug that didn't exist until recently. I've got the feed URL up in my browser right now, and I discovered it because the blog itself advertised it in its HTML header.

  7. (And I just proved to myself that the blog hadn't been changed to public. I visited in another browser, and I get the login page with the message about the blog being private.)

  8. What is the URL of the blog you're referring to?

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