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feed "full text" doesn't seem to work

  1. Hi all,

    I just migrated to Previously my blog was self hosted. Everything seems fine, except for one detail.

    Even though in the dashboard -> settings -> reading I have set "For each article in a feed, show" to "Full text", the feed at still only shows the summary.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm seeing full posts on your feed right now. I clicked the "read more" link on a couple of the posts in your feed and checked and I'm seeing the whole post. You might clear your browser cache and then take another look. Sometimes it can take a little while for the change to show up, but typically less than an hour.

    Some feed readers (Google reader, etc.) though may not update until after you publish a new post. Most don't do anything until they see new content and even then sometimes it may take a little while for them to refresh the entire feed in their indexes.

  3. Thanks for checking. I'm a bit confused now. When I open the feed in a new browser that didn't visit the feed before, I still see the first sentences followed by "continue reading".

    In Chrome the XML does show both an excerpt (<description> and the whole body it seems (<content:encoded>).

  4. I'm not sure what is going on then. I'm seeing full posts in Safari 5.1.7.

  5. If I change the "Syndication feeds show the most recent" setting and reload the in firefox I see it change. The page show the number of entries I configured. That makes me think caching is not an issue.

    Just tried liferea and there it looks fine. I guess firefox just chooses to display the "description" instead of the whole post.

    This leaves only an issue with displaying the feed in our "planet" site: It worked fine on my selfhosted wordpress 3.4.1. Will talk to the admin to see if it's a setting there or that it can be reloaded or something.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. The feed shown in feed widgets/thingies will probably not update till a new post is published. I've seen that before. The feed thingies look for new content and if they don't see any, they don't refresh the feed display.

  7. Using instead of the .../feed/ variant solved the planet issue. All issues resolved.

    Thanks for your input thesacredpath!

  8. You are welcome and glad you found a solution.

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