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  1. Hi,

    People trying to subscribe to my RSS feed have been saying they're not able to.

    When I tried myself on different browsers, this is the feed link I get when I click on my RSS widget displayed on my blog:


    But when I try to add it to my feeds, a pop-up says:

    "Java Script Oops! Can’t find a feed." (Safari)

    "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."
    (Google Chrome)

    But Firefox accepts the feed just fine.

    Can you help?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Your RSS feed's address is wrong. This is right:

    This is what your visitors must use on an RSS Reader or a browser that can read RSS feeds.

    Chrome is special: you must install some kind of plugin to be able to read RSS feeds.

  3. Thank you. Where do I change the feed address to correct it? And why is it wrong in the first place? I thought WordPress took care of feed addresses?

    And what kind of plugin does Chrome need to read a feed?

  4. The feed address is correctly built into every blog. In fact we have multiple feeds. The format you posted is not the format for any feeds for any blogs. You can place this widget in your sidebar as well if you wish

  5. The reason the feed address was wrong was you just typed it wrong. It's actually and works just fine.

    I suppose there are lots of plugins for Chrome to make it a feed reader, but Google invented it and Google wants you to use Google Reader.

  6. Thank you everyone!

    So, on the widgets page, I removed that RSS widget, and put another one in the sidebar (because there are a few RSS widget on the widget page, so I just picked a different one - btw, there are 2 kinds of RSS widgets; 1 says just "RSS" and the other says "RSS Links" - the one I'm using says just "RSS."

    Tried this new one out, but still getting the same incorrect feed URL:

    Java Script Oops! Can’t find a feed.

    Google Chrome (I do use Google Reader)
    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    Firefox works perfectly & even offers a ton of choices for the feed.

    Sorry, still need help!

  7. Then you will have to contact Staff. Here’s the link After you use the searchbox, under the search results, at the bottom of the page there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?” You can choose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.” The no option will reveal the contact form.

  8. Thanks, guys. Appreciate the help! ; - >

  9. If you're having the error in Safari, probably everyone is, so the faster you report it the better for ALL bloggers using Safari.

  10. I didn't of this, thanks. I sent a detailed report of it to Support about 15 min. ago.
    Appreciate your help!

  11. When you put into a browser address bar it will resolve to feed:// , but you cannot start from the feed:// address. You have to start from the http:// address.

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