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Feed link seems incorrect

  1. Folks, I'm new to wordpress, and just set up a blog. The RSS link on the page contains:


    However if I set this up in Feedreader, it reports, "feed doesn't contain any items"
    I played with it and if I link to:

    I get the posts, but I don't think I'm notified of new posts.

    I'm concerned that anyone subscribing to my blog will get nothing.


  2. Try resetting it

  3. cairnpoint, thanks for the reply. However, I'm not clear on your answer: what do I reset?


  4. I'm having the same problem. I've been messing with it all morning with no luck.


    Looks just fine here.

  6. Hi Matt, thanks for checking. That link works fine, yes, but that's not quite the link that appears. So if a user was to cut and paste the link into their newsreader, they would get "feed:http://jonpatch.wordpress/feed" which does not work.


  7. Yeah, it's a bug in the theme. You're supposed to click directly on the link rather than cut and paste it. But people who don't have a feedreader installed and are wanting to subscribe through bloglines or another web-based service will be in trouble as their browser will choke on it.

    I'd suggest putting an additional link to in your blogroll so that everyone can subscribe without problems.

  8. OK, that makes sense, and that's a good workaround, thank you. I did change themes, so that would explain why it used to work.

    Unfortunately some older browsers do not recognize the "feed:" command, so that's a bit iffy.


  9. heh, I'm on Firefox 1.5 and that doesn't recognise the feed: command, so I don't know what browser they think we should be using ;)

  10. I'm thinking (from a place of ignorance) that this may be more a function of whether your newsreader installs a browswer plug-in of some sort. When I installed FeedDemon, FireFox 1.5 now recognizes that link and directs me to FeedDemon.

  11. What I find interesting about this is the RSS and the feed links provide different outputs. The feed link includes the content of the post.


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