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    I subscribed to my own feed and a few other WP.com feeds using Bloglines. My feed is set up in my account to show the latest 10 entries. But although I can see all the feeds using Bloglines, none of the feeds is registering new entries (as you would normally expect) despite the fact that we have all been posting.

    (My feed is at: http://newinfotechs.wordpress.com/feed/)

    Is there something I need to do to activate the feed so Bloglines notifies me of new entries? Feeds from other (non-WP) sources seem to work fine–this seems to be an issue related to WordPress (or my new-bile use of WordPress) rather than Bloglines.

    Any clues?

    Thank you.



    Ask Bloglines to look into the matter. I noticed that on a few of my own blogs as well. If Bloglines was having an issue reaching your blog here, it would put up a big red ‘!’ to the right of your URL over there. (We went through that a couple of months ago here) Sounds like it’s not doing something on it’s end.

    You can also use a service like pingomatic.com or blogoat.com and send out a manual ping. Just make sure the blogline option is selected.

    I just pulled your feed and got your “Weblog Assignments: Clarification” post as the most recent.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks. No red exclamation point in Bloglines, and I have no problems with any of my non-WordPress feeds in Bloglines at the moment, but I will investigate there as well.



    I went to the Bloglines forum and found a thread addressing precisely this problem: Lots of people are finding that Bloglines is not updating feeds (many of them WordPress.com feeds) that are updating fine in other aggregators. The thread is depressingly long, with little participation from Support and no solutions offered. Hopefully they will figure it out. For anyone else who is interested, here is the address for the forum thread:



    Just a quick note on this… a number of our Nashville and Tennessee bloggers have recently fled Blogger for WordPress, and others in our community using Bloglines are reporting not getting their new feeds as well…



    a number of our Nashville and Tennessee bloggers have recently fled Blogger for WordPress

    *chuckle* We’ve noticed. :)

    The importing of the new Blogger system over to wp.com has been a very hot topic around here lately.


    Heh heh. So when’s WordPress putting me on the payroll for PR? *laugh* Just kidding!

    I for one was certainly thrilled to see the New Blogger importer (and it works GREAT!). I had a handful that didn’t want to make the jump until they could move all their old Blogger posts so it’s a done deal now. Haven’t got anyone else waiting in the wings past that unless there’s some that just haven’t contacted me yet, but the new importer is definitely going to save me what was about to be a big headache. We have a WordPress.org user in the community that offered up some server space to try to move those New Blogger posts (and thus turn them into WP files) and now I won’t have to do that, save for one longtime member of the community who’s got a large Blogger blog that wouldn’t transfer with the old importer nor has been switched to New Blogger yet, so I may try to finagle hers through his server somehow.

    In any case, I am pretty certain the Bloglines problem is likely with Bloglines, as all the WordPress feeds are showing up in other feed readers almost immediately. They’re also showing up fine on our local aggregator though often with a 12-hour delay, not really sure why that’s happening, but at least they’re showing up, which is more than I can say for Bloglines right now…

    In any case, viva la WordPress! ;)



    I’m having a similar problem. A lot of visitor complain about my feed. So i’m subscribe my self to my feed on Google Reader guess wath, the feed do not registered the new entries. So a try to use FeedBurner and Bloglines, no results.

    My feed simple do not refresh… Anyone with the same problem?

    PS: Sorry by the english, I’m fron Brazil and my english is not so good yet.



    I grabbed this entry from the Bloglines forum:

    Re: Newly added feeds aren’t updating new
    Posted by: AskMarie(IP Logged)
    Date: February 05, 2007 04:58PM

    Hi everyone,
    We are now aware that certain feeds are not notifying of new content, and our technical team is working towards resolving the issue ASAP. We appreciate your patience and regret any inconvenience this may have caused.



    I just received word from a reader that my feed is now showing up in Bloglines. From the comments posted in the Bloglines forum on this topic, it appears they have resolved the issue. Your feeds should be showing up.



    Thanks for the update :)



    Hmmm… well it’s nearly a month after this last comment, and I’m having the same problem with a blog I started this week. Looks like it’s not yet worked out.


    Mine isn’t registering at all as well – has anyone had a way of getting around this issue? I had moved to WP from MT and this has been the only problem. Issue is I lost a fair few subscribers with this issue… very annoying!!!



    It stands to reason that if your feeds are properly configured at this end then you need to contact Bloglines support for help.

    -> Options -> Reading
    Blog Pages
    Show at most: posts
    Syndication Feeds
    Show the most recent: posts
    For each article, show:

    Full text

    Note: If you use the <!–more–> feature, it will cut off posts in RSS feeds.



    jenellecleary, a quick check of your account shows that you were only here for a few minutes when you wrote your post. Since you’re talking about moving in the past tense, I have a feeling that you’re not hosted here at wp.com but are using the wordpress software and are hosted elsewhere. if so, you need to be over at http://wordpresss.org as that’s the support site for the software. These forums are for the blogs hosted here at wp.com as we’re using different software and our answers would be different.


    Thank you so much…!! Sorry for getting the areas mixed up… BTW I fixed the problem. :) :)

    Thanks again!

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