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    Hi I’m new here, and have imported my blog posts from blogger. I assume i have to hand add each of my blogrolls. The reason I left blogger was their horrid problems and their lousy help. Yesterday, I went to my reader and none of my blogs feeds had been updated for days. I am using I guess mostly a google reader, though I have so little understanding that I don’t know. What am I to do here? I can’t even find out how to delete a feed from my feed list, so I don’t know if I have to redo them or what. I’m so totally confused, I’m about to give up. Anybody have time to lead me through this mess? PS…everytime I try to update my feeds, it says “unable to at this time. google will try to update later”.


    This is the post feed published from your blog: http://spiritmeadow.wordpress.com/feed/ and although I didn’t check to see if all of your posts are showing, there is a considerable amount of them. It may take a few days for the feedreaders to pick up your new blog but in most cases I think you can ping them. I would go to http://pingoat.com and select all the listings in the “general” category to get things underway. WordPress.com automatically pings pingomatic when you publish a new post, but I’m not sure if they ping when you import a blog or not.

    With blogger, I don’t know that there is any way to export your blogroll or if you could, to import it here.



    sorry, you misunderstand the problem completely. I am trying to read other blogs through my google reader and they are not updating the feeds. Haven’t updated any since Jan 18 and 19. I am on dial-up and cannot download all the sites, it takes days to run my list. So when my reader isn’t updating, I’m stuck. I’m so confused. Is this not a blogger screw up? I assumed it was.


    Ahhh, it sound like possibly a problem at Google.



    Are these WordPress.com blogs, or just blogs in general?



    all my blogs, some I can manually update, can’t do anything with the rest of the blogger ones. I thought maybe I could download a new reader? But which one?

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