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  1. How do I add a way for people to recive my blogs feed?

  2. If you have the meta widget in your sidebar, there is a link in it for both post and comment feeds.

    You can also use a text widget as explained in the FAQ I found by typing "rss feed" into the FAQ searchbox:

  3. okay i will add the meta widget, then what?

  4. Once you place the meta widget in your sidebar there will be feeds to your entries (posts) and comments that readers can subscribe to.

    Please refer back to this thread this thread. The image at the top of your sidebar is too large and takes a very long time to load

  6. IMO you also have too many post with too many large images in them on your front page. This slows down page loading time. To remedy this I would suggest reducing the number of posts on your front page.
    -> Options -> Reading
    Reduce the number of posts here
    Blog Pages
    Show at most: ___ posts
    Then click "Update Options".

    HTH :)

  7. Thank you, I will reduce the number of posts on the first page. I added the meta widget, but I don't think it is working correctly.

  8. I'll check it out an be right back. :)

  9. The good news is that both feeds are working properly. You can click these and see for your self
    entries (posts)

  10. However, if you prefer to have the orange icon you can use this method instead

  11. thank you!!!

  12. You're welcome. Happy holiday :)

  13. P.S. The option to mark this thread "resolved" is in your original post.

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