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Feed Readers and Stats

  1. secondchancetolive

    Happy Easter to all. I have a quick question. I notice that my feed reader stats are higher than my actual blog stat counts. Is this because the people using the feed reader's do not actually come to my blog to read my post(s)? As a result, are they not recorded as an actual visit? Secondly, what specifically does the blog stat counter in Word Press actually count? Unique visits, return visits and how are these actually tallied?

  2. Not sure about the feed reader stats being higher. It's not on mine but I have a lot more folks coming in via the search engines. If they're only reading your RSS and not visiting your blog, they're only being counted as an RSS read, not an actual visit. Technically you can increase your visit count by using the Summary setting for your feeds (Dashboard -> Options -> Reading) but you may tick folks off with that as you would be forcing them to visit your site to view the rest of the article.

    The blog stat count is a running sum from day 1 of the number of page (Note the lower case 'p' in there) views for each day. Home page, caegories, posts, pages, etc.

  3. secondchancetolive

    Hi Dr. Mike,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate the information. I am still a little confused. I am not sure if stat counts at wordpress are limited to unique visitors (people who are new to my blog), for returning guests or a combination? WordPress, from what I thought I read does not count page reads. I realize that I have been here for a couple of months but I still am not sure what is the accurate hit count of those people who visit my site.

  4. A combination of both. Please remember though that it's not a visitor count but how many pages within your site that get loaded.

  5. secondchancetolive

    Hmm. I thought WordPress did not count Page Reads and therefor, page loads. So how would I know how many people actually visited my site since February 6, 2007? Thanks for your patience with me Dr. Mike.

  6. You'll never know how many individual people visit your site. The same person might view 3 pages, while another might view 16. The total will be 19 page views. The stats you get on your WP dashboard are page views. Hope this helps you, Craig. Happy Easter :)

  7. secondchancetolive

    Thank you Judy and Dr. Mike. Happy Easter to both of you. Have a great week. Craig

  8. I think that the most important thing this tells you is that your readers are overwhelmingly tech sophisticates. This is a good thing; they're thought leaders.

  9. Good point. Didn't think about that.

  10. Eh, you weren't at Northern Voice to hear Nancy White's "Tech Steward" talk. She's a genius.

  11. One of the reasons why I want to get to WordCamp this year.

  12. Mein gott, is she going to be there? She's amazing.

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