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    (I have tried to look for an answer to this, but have not been able to find it. If it is already discussed, could someone please be kind enough to give me a link?)

    Some weeks ago my Blog Stats suddenly dropped, and kept that way. Today I looked into my Feed Stats for the first time for a long time, and found that it had risen at the same time. Does this mean that I should now add my feed stats and Blog Stats to get the right amount of people reading my blog, or are the Feed Stats included in my blog stat?



    There was some discussion about this a couple of weeks ago, but i can’t find it now either :-)

    If i remember correctly, the theory is that Google changed the way they calculated their feed stats, which made a difference to our stats. I think everyone across the board (or at least those who have been checking) saw a drop in hits and a rise in feed stats.

    So, yes, you should look at both types of stats.



    Thanks, judyb12. :-)

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