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feed stats gone..

  1. when I logged ontonight my feed counts, or number of hits to my blog, had gone from a little over 800 to in the world did this happen? Can this be fixed to get my hits back and how can it be prevented from happening again?

  2. Same same - Two days ago I had 317 hits for the day and it now shows as 269. Earlier today I had a total of 9184 hits, now it has dropped to 9161 (ahhh - since gone up to 9163) I am confused. How am I ever going to out-whore raincoaster if I keep having my hits stolen?

  3. I'm doing some very heavy maintenance on the stats database. The result will be faster, more reliable stats for everyone.

    One side-effect is that some blogs whose hit counts were artificially high will be corrected. If you see more than a percent or two of difference and this worries you, please submit feedback and I'll try to reconcile the issue.

  4. Yeah, allow me to thank you. 700 hits in one day gone poof?

  5. raincoaster: you said "700 hits in one day gone poof" but it's not clear to me which day you mean. The day during which the number fell, or the day whose number fell?

  6. i lost 171 readers off 1075. My stats were high due to many favourable peer reviews for a particular piece, so they weren't artificially inflated. I was really happy to have hit over a 1000 in a day two days on the trot... please fix it for me?


  7. The day before yesterday when I signed off I had something over 2000 hits. I saw that again yesterday before the maintenance. Now it seems I have just over 1300 for that day; they fell substantially. I have no dispute with yesterday itself, as naturally the Britney mania would be dying off and weekends are down anyway, but that sudden plunge from 2600 the day before to 1300 seems extreme to me. It just seems unlikely, particularly if the meme were dying off and stats were dropping as a result, which they'll obviously do. An earlier day would naturally be higher than a later one; that isn't the case here.

  8. 12-09 should be the only date affected and the old number should be restored momentarily. Thank you for flying!

  9. Thanks Andy... very much appreciated.

    Juno x

  10. Thanks, all fixed!

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