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    When I clicked category or tag options in my right-hand menu bar, I used to get summaries of related posts that came up in the search result. This allows readers to skim through quickly to see what’s there. Today, however, I get full posts, which takes significant time to scroll through.

    I checked my settings (Reading) and I’ve already clicked the box that says “Allow feed summaries.” So that doesn’t seem to affect these feeds that I’d like to see presented as summaries.

    I asked about this once before, and I never got an answer. However, someone at wordpress must have fixed it for me in the background, because suddenly, it was showing summaries.

    To be clear, what I’d like to see is my posts presenting themselves like they do when I click the Reader and scroll through.

    Can you help? As far as I know I don’t have any “advanced” feeds.

    The blog I need help with is cookupastory.wordpress.com.



    Only summaries are displaying in your feed for posts http://cookupastory.wordpress.com/feed/

    Whether or not full posts, permalinked or thumbnails are displayed on Categories Pages and Archives pages is theme dependent ie. it’s coded into the template and we cannot edit templates or themes. http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/editing-themes/

    In the majority of themes, posts on category or other archive pages show up just as they do on the main posts page in the blog and the number displayed is also the same. (See this page > Settings > Reading and note how many posts you choose there sets it for all). But in some themes only the beginnings of posts are shown, and in a few themes you only get titles or thumbnails. See here for a theme list of themes that may display the way you want > Category/archive pages: full posts or not http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/full-posts-in-archive-pages/

    If you like a short snippet of text to display from each post and if the theme has an active excerpt box below the post editor, you can control the length of the excerpt displayed and insert a thumbnail image.

    You compose your whole post first and before you publish it you switch to the HTML (Text) editor, copy the code you want in the excerpt, paste it into the Excerpt box, and publish the post. http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/excerpts/#creating-excerpts
    This will have to be done on every post.



    Adding excerpts must be new, as the last time I looked (probably a year ago) I was getting beginnings on my searches and now I’m not.

    I was able to create an excerpt for my latest post, but the code for getting it to link to the full post with a “Read more…” line didn’t work. And I couldn’t find how to create a thumbnail photo. I suppose the large photo is more interesting, anyway, so I can live with that.

    When I checked your theme list link, my theme Koi does display the full post. It is an older theme but I like it and will likely keep it. :)

    Thanks, Timethief! As usual your advice is thorough and helpful.



    OK – sorry, but sadly I need more help. I’ve inserted an excerpt for a few of my posts, but when I click on a category or tag from the menu, these posts are still presenting full text.

    The search option is indeed giving me beginnings for those posts I haven’t excerpted, but it IS showing my excerpts where I have them.

    I’ve reread your answer above, Timethief. Does your first paragraph mean there is nothing I can do to get my posts from a click on categories or tags to display as excerpts, outside of changing my theme to one that allows this?

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