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Feed won't validate

  1. I recently came across an issue with my blog feed. It doesn't validate when checking with

    It tells me:
    Invalid character in a URI: '"'

    What does it mean? What can I do to fix this error?

    I checked different other feeds which all validate correctly. So it must be within my code. But I can't find it. All blogs use '"' within their URIs and feedvalidator doesn't complain about it.
    Feedvalidator points at a line </div>]]></content:encoded> and lists the error message about the invalid character mentioned above.

    Anyone here that can help? Where's the mistake?

  2. The problem could be on Feed Validator's end. I just checked your feed through and it's up to date.

  3. I meant to say I checked your feed at and it's up to date.

  4. Thanks mymyspacelayouts,

    I agree with you. It might be something on Feed Validator's end. I recently checked my feed with the official W3C Validator under and it says my feed is valid.

    So thanks again for testing it. Good to know from someone else that it's still working. :)

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