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  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to WordPress and to blogging in General, two days ago I made a blog here and I was wondering if I could get some feedback.

    Please tell me what you think of it, in a honest & mature way.
    Thank you very much.


    Mail: [email address removed - hanni]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not that good with being mature but I'll try,
    first, you should never put your email in a thread, it invites the spammers to attack you
    next, I would recommend going to some blogging communities and social networking sites. Also you're new so it might take a while for you to build a readership that will keep coming back. I just say give it some time. If I were you, I'd make the blog post more easily accessible by removing your welcome page and thus removing the static page. Most people just wanna see the content you're providing. Maybe add an "About Blog" page, kind of like your "About Me" page.


  3. Yeah, I noticed you aren't really capable of being mature. *giggles*
    The mail is made especially for this blog so it doesn't really matter that hard, also Windows Live Mail has a good anti spam system.

    Some blogging commmunities? Like?

    I've been thinking about converting that page into an FAQ one.

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. *bump*

  5. just do a google search theres lots of sites, I'd recommend you try blogcatalog...I think you'll have lots of fun there!

  6. I just joined blogcatalog and it was really easy. I would recommend visiting it to check it out.

  7. I've joined blog catalog about two days ago, but after I joined it I haven't done anything.

  8. make friends, goto the discussion board and join groups. Join some other social networking groups, get your name and your blogs name out there. One day you'll be an online star LOL but seriously, do that :P

  9. *big eyes* An online star?? Ooooh...

  10. i joined, and it really seems like a good site! there's lots of forums, which i like, and people check out your blog almost instantly. i joined an hour ago, and my blog's been ranked 35.5% out of a hundred. not bad, for an hour's time posting to forums and stuff.

  11. irisofthewayfarer

    I started blogging 3 weeks ago and have sent in invitation to read to everyone in my address book. As you can see, there's quite a lot going on. I did not have any idea how to blog until I came here. I also didn't think I'd like it. I do.
    I think you need to devote a little time and invite people, post comments on other blogs and see what happens :)

  12. Hm. My blog hasn't been rated just yet.

  13. Why does WordPress continue to DECREASE the usability of the interface by changing it on a regular basis? My text widgets are no longer identifiable, I don't know if I have to update when done, it is very hard to drag lower widgets up to the top and some of my widgets are just plain disappearing when i click on them. You should give users some warning and the option to revert to the older interface like google does. This is so frustrating! I work on a laptop and I wish the designers would cross-platform check the interface on smaller computers. People are using netbooks now and your changes will really make WP a nightmare to work on on a smaller screen.

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  15. Oh how I love pathetic ways to get traffic...

  16. Lorawow - totally agree with the advice of aw1923 about, well, everything she said really.

    - create "about blog" page so that your most recent posts are what visitors see

    - do join one point in time I was among the most active posters there. TONS of great people, and the staff are great folks as well. I just ran out of time in my days to keep up appearances there, but it's arguably the greatest site out there for bloggers to meet up and discuss virtually any topic imaginable. Plus, with a TON of highly knowledgable users/staff to interact with, you'll pick up many good tips on blogging in general (plus a very entertaining assortment of "off topic" style discussions). My only warning - it's highly addictive. addictive in can be like crack - but that's a good thing because it speaks volumes about the folks you'll meet.

    - I remember being new and wondering how to quickly build up an audience. It's very tough. Just speak your mind and do everything you can to make visitors feel welcomed (replying to comments and engaging in conversation with them outside of the blog is great...met many new friends that way who share similar interests...some of them are amongst my closest friends now).

    - never underestimate the power of the tags here at WP. If used effectively they can really bring a lot of traffic to your site. The key then is getting them to stay - and that's all about relevant content. Pay attention to which topics/search phrases people are finding you from, and then use that strategically to your advantage when you post (i.e., most search results seem to be about yard gnomes, then post away and make the definitive statements on the net about them). :-)

  17. @leetgamer: this is a really old topic, I didn't know about the "rate users blog above" topic at that time.

    Thanks for the help Kstafford. =)
    I already did join BlogCatalog but I don't think it's that addictive. Maybe I just need to join some nice discussion groups.

    - Lora

  18. irisofthewayfarer

    Wow Lora, kstafford put a lot of thought into his post for you and you dismiss him/her like that? If you solved your problem, maybe you should have come here and let people know.

  19. I do not have a problem at all, and I haven't dismissed kstaffords reply, I highly appreciate all the suggestions.

    - Lora

  20. I saw yours earlier it looks really good , its well set & clear & interesting

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