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Feedback: Book review blog (and my unrequited dreams of being Freshly Pressed)

  1. I have started up my second-ever blog (the first was an unbridled waffle about nothing in particular). This one, however, I am comitted to and I have a concrete theme: books and book reviews.
    I've tweeted, facebooked, stumbledupon, commented on other relevant (and genuinely interesting blogs), read forums. I'm actually kind of happy with the product, but my daily views are dismal, and only peak when I post a new post on my personal facebook page, and even then my highest daily views haven't surpassed the mid-40s (which is a small portion of the amount of people that could click to the page from my facebook).
    So, I am after some feedback. If anyone could have a look at my blog and tell me what they think - any suggestions, advice, words of encouragement or criticism would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think your blog looks nice, I haven't read much content but it seemed well written and structured. However, what I personally want from a book review is a piece that will make me rush out to buy the book and entice me into the storyline, wanting to find out more.
    I feel your pain on the daily views but that's life, everyone only wants attention on their own blog unfortunately.
    Best of luck with the blog :)

  3. Awesome, thank you :)

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