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    What is the deal with having a feedbcak that gets closed for the holidays? And while we are at it, who is the rocket scientist that put a closed blog on the Freshly Pressed page?

    The blog I need help with is



    What’s the deal with you rudeness? Obviously we Volunteers have no part to play in decision making process of the Automattic Corporation If you have feedback then why not take it directly to the top. Or are you the kind who attacks the bank teller cashier because the bank policy doesn’t suit you?



    The blog owner could have set the blog to Private after it was chosen for Freshly Pressed.

    The staff is still working to support us – they check the forum on a regular basis and are doing many other support duties – they are just on a reduced staff level so they can spend a bit extra time with their family and others during the holiday period as do many many other companies. The Staff had helped many many people the last few days –



    The “rocket scientists'” (also known as the Editorial Czar) is not responsible for the fact that the blog was made private after it was Freshly Pressed. See for yourself. That blog was public earlier today…

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