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Feedback needed - new opinion-based movie blog

  1. Hi. I've been working on my own movie blog, which features opinion-based articles about movies and the movie business. I haven't had much traffic so far, and i'm looking for some feedback on the articles i've written and the look of the blog in general to help me along.

    I would be very grateful if you could tae a look at my blog and tell me what you think.

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. In my opinion, the layout is a bit too plain. Maybe you could consider adding widgets. Centralising the pictures may help. Although I don't really like the first image collage. overall I think it needs a bit more colour. Keep experimenting with other themes.

    Oh and your blog is seriously out of date. your last post was in Jan 2010.

    Time to update!

  3. OOps. The blog in question is actually - sorry!

  4. ahh i was wondering. that'll require some serious updating work, lol.

    I like this blog though. Maybe you could include bigger pictures in your posts. I'm a photo person when it comes to spreading out long articles/reviews.

    You could also consider adding a box office chart. To let readers know the current film positions. UK/USA.

    And a search widget may come in handy on your site.

  5. jasondransfieldgolf

    I like your blog and I have subscribed as I really enjoy watching films. Go have a look at my blog see what you think.

  6. Thanks guys. Good call on the search widget. Not so much a problem now with so few posts, but definitely be more useful as time goes on. I've tried adding a box office box from widget sites but they won't work on WordPress, and i don't currently have time to make one up myself, but again it is a great idea.

  7. OK, i've now added a self made box office chart on the side bar, and i've brought up the background with colour behind the posts. I'm concerned it looks a little too busy now though. Would anyone be willing to check it out at and let me know what they think?

  8. it does look rather busy. maybe you could get rid of the left sidebar, and maybe put the box office chart on your box office page.

  9. I've moved some of the widgets about a bit, and coloured the post background. I quite like a sidebar on each side, so i'll probably stick with that for now. Without the knowledge of CSS there is a limit to how much you can achieve with WordPress but i'm quite happy with what i've got now thanks to some of your suggestions. Thank you very much for your help, it is very useful to get as much feedback as possible.

  10. Glad I could help!

  11. me again, i would move the seach button to the right above the usa box office so that it's the first thing seen, and start a blogroll on the left side and you can link to other blog's, if your getting comment's put a comment's widget in and set the limit to 10.

    get colouring those post's :)

  12. My links to other blogs are at the bottom. To be honest, i know that wherever they are they get very few clicks, so i don't think the location matters all that much. If i start getting comments it might be worth the space, but again there is currently little value. The search box is a bit of a pain. I had it where you suggested, but it affected the symmetry. It's clearly a necessary element, but it's a nuisance.

  13. ok , i did not see the blog link's at the bottom :)

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