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    I saw the new sticky post announcing these changes, including the statement “Our visual and text editors feature the same functions, but look better! “

    Well, some may think they look better, but they’re a lot harder to use. I use the text editor to upload media. After I’ve selected or uploaded an image, I don’t get to scroll down anymore to type in and/or select all the controls I want to specify. Instead,

    1. All these controls are squished into the rightmost quarter of the popup box: leaving most of the popup box either blank (if I’ve uploaded one image) or full of images that I did not select. Really bad use of real estate.

    2. All the text entry fields except “Caption” are cut off at the right hand side, so I cannot see all the text I’m typing. If I type the alphabet into the “description” box, I can see only letters a through o before letters start disappearing off the right edge, and I don’t see them again until “wxyz” appears wrapped around on the next line. (I’m using a text zoom level of 170%.)

    3. The Caption text entry box appears to be resizable, but none of the others are. I expect that if they are, their little resize widget has also vanished off the right edge.

    4. If I’ve selected or uploaded multiple images, I can’t tell whether the control information on the right is meant to apply to *all* of them, or only to the one I presently have selected. It would be weird if it were all (all images linking to the same URL??), but I couldn’t tell how to affect just one of them.

    5. In “media library” mode, I would much, much, much rather see a list of filenames than a grid of thumbnail images (which also take longer to load). Is there a way to change that setting?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Some of these issues should resolve when you upgrade to Firefox17. We’ve noticed some issues with the versions below 17 (specifically 16, but I see you’re on 15).

    Some of these are style choices, but I gladly take all feedback back to the team – all well-reasoned feedback (like yours) is valuable to us as we constantly are improving our tools.

    Just let me know if you experience additional bugs after you upgrade!


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