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Feedback On New Photography Blog

  1. Hi I am new to blogging and I just made a blog a wile back on photography, I would love feedback from the WP community. Any suggestions for making it better are welcome.
    Here is the link:

  2. i think the site looks pretty good

  3. You've done well and I'm sure if anything needs changing you will see the need to, naturally. I'm a professional photographer in Brunei and one who does not critique people's work. Kinda pointless when appreciation of the art is thoroughly subjective! But ... I like what you've done so far. Keep it up!

  4. Wow your blog looks great keep up the great work... :)

    I have one suggestion for you maybe switching
    to the monotone Theme it's a new theme that
    was added in April for photo blogging

    Here is a link that will explain all about the
    theme » April Wrap-up and Monotone Photoblogger Theme

    Welome to


  5. I just started up a photo blog about a month ago
    and some feedback would nice... :)


  6. Thank you for all your feedback!

  7. You're welcome... :)

  8. lettershometoyou

    Hi photoshop - since this is a critique thread, I have a question. Isn't there some way to watermark your photos so it isn't necessary to put in the name of your blog right below the main subject? I refer to the squirrel in the post up right now. I realise you don't want your stuff copied / sold without credit to you, but the bold nametag throws the whole photo off.

    Shuttercraft - you have a lot of great info for photographers there. Might it not be a good idea to get your text proof-read from time to time? There are a lot of spelling / grammar errors on your blog, some in post titles even.

  9. hello lettershometoyou,

    Thank you for reply... :)

    Yeah there are programs that will place a watermark I just
    never thought of using it but after your comment about
    how it takes the focus off the main subject in the photo
    I'm going to check into it thank you very much. :)

  10. Regardless of whether a picture of watermarked or not, it'll still get downloaded, copied with or without your permission. As a professional photographer this is a constant concern but because I like to live long enough to see my kids grow up and be the succesful people that they can be, I don't fuss about copyrights UNTIL copyrights have been violated such as ...

    But yeah, I simply state under each photo a simple © Jan Shim Photography as certain markets have laws that require this to be stated. For images that do not belong to me, I include a photo credit to the rightful owner as a matter of professional respect.

  11. I do not mark my photos, the one that is marked "IFAKEDIT" is not mine. It belongs to
    Thank you for all your feedback!

  12. macroartinnature

    When the "Orphan Works" bill is passed in Washington, I will, along with many other professionals, will start adding larger watermarks with key information included.
    It may be a distraction to the viewer, but the OW bill will make a lot of professionals do things that they have not done in the past.

    It certainly will be a PITA!

  13. I started this blog to serve as a community for photographers, Whats a community without multiple authors? I think it is about time to invite some more writers to Shuttercraft. I am looking for 2-3 people that would be interested in becoming a author for this blog. I think different personality’s will spice things up a little around here. If you love photography and you like writing then you qualify, You will have a chance to share your work through Shuttercraft’s Gallery. This blog is growing fast and I want you to be apart of it!

    If you are interested then E-mail me at [email redacted]

    Leave your name and a short explanation of why you want to be apart of Shuttercraft.

    Thank You

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