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    During five days of hiking in Yosemite I was without a cellphone connection most of the time. (the only connection available to me was the [overloaded, overcrowded] motel WiFi, at night. Sometimes even that would fail because too many people tried to use it.)

    I tried to blog some of my cellphone photos and thoughts more or less “live” but the WordPress mobile app made that not exactly easy. Some of the problems that I encountered include:

    • images do not get “attached” to the post in which they’re used – they end up “stray” in the Media Library. Having some old drafts (from when I imported my old Blogger blog to WordPress) I made it a habit to delete unattached images after I clean up/post old drafts (and replace images with newer version). If I’m not careful, I’ll nuke the photos that I posted on the go.
    • There is no way to enter/edit image title, caption, alt-tag, description.
    • there’s no way to insert a “more” tag – it’s essential to column/masonry based theme layouts like the ones I prefer, and I prefer it to show post snippets over using separate excerpts. I ended up manually entering them in the HTML editor – so much joy on the phone screen…
    • the sidebar with the post options is 100% awkward to navigate with the touch interface
    • no auto-complete for your tags to make sure you use the correct, existing tags and don’t create duplicates (was it “cellphone” or “cellphone photo”?)
    • and the worst: there is no “local” mode to store drafts locally when you’re writing without a network connection – absolutely fantastic to find out after you wrote two paragraphs with the phone’s touch-keyboard! I lost these two paragraphs – there is no freaking way to save what you’ve written when you don’t have a connection. Seriously? Major bummer.

    Maybe all this is good enough for the occasional blogger, but WordPress is a feature-rich platform, I appreciate it for that, and I’d like to utilize these features.

    As a long-time user of WordPress for >3 years now who has gained some insight into the workings of the platform, and with certain expectations to the aesthetics and design of my posts, this whole experience left me disappointed. Essentially, I’d have to retouch every post on the desktop with a normal browser.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. I’m sorry to hear that you struggled so much with this. Unfortunately we don’t provide support for the app in this forum. The iOS app has it’s own forum on All feedback and troubleshooting for the app is done in that forum.

    You’ll need to register a username on before you can post in that forum.



    Thanks kokkieh. I’ll re-post there.



    You’re welcome :)

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