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  1. daniellaabraham

    I've recently moved my blogs from Blogger to WordPress, not having the Google Friend Connect (GFC) button has damaged my stats in a massive way and I would love some feedback on my blogs and if anyone has tips on how I can get my readers back that would be great!

    Food Blog:
    Lifestyle Blog:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    If you are referring to actual subscribers to your blogs, I think it's acceptable to notify them individually via a one-time email that you have moved. If you are talking about "hits" (reads), it will take the time it takes. There are many kinds of excellent recommendations on how to increase readership, as this is probably the most-asked question of all time in the Forums.

    For what it's worth, my individual reaction is that you are blogging in a very competitive field, Daniella. You are going head-to-head with magazines, both the paper kind and the online kind. Your photographs need to be much larger, especially those of food since the readers can't smell the enticing aromas. Aside from that, your layout is clean and straightforward, the recipes are easy to understand, and the reviews of places would be useful if I were in the area.

  3. daniellaabraham

    Thank you for your input, I will make an effort to enlarge my photo's. My reason for smaller ones was download times for slower connections but I do agree that larger pictures are better for viewing.

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