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    In the last two or three days I’ve had around 50 spam submissions on the feedback form on my site. I know Akismet is supposed to filter them – it’s worked up until the weekend – so I thought I should let you know. I’m not sure if the filter’s stopped working or if spammers have found a way around it or what.

    My site is

    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Thanks for your report. I have tagged this thread for Staff attention. Please subscribe to this thread so your are notified when they respond.


    Thank you!



    Hi TheWebways,

    Thanks for the report. I’ve asked the Akismet team to take a look and see if there’s any tweaking they need to do in their filters; spam is an ever-moving target! For the moment, please continue to mark the spam submissions as spam. That will help in improving our filters as well. Thank you!


    On it, thanks!



    Over the last 3 days I’m having a new and similar problem. Spam is not being filtered from the contact form at this page:

    I’m receiving 30-50 spam mails daily via the contact form. I haven’t successfully been able to filter at my end with my email program. Please help. I’d like to leave the contact form if possible.



    Hi madisonjazz, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The spam that you’re seeing is very similar to what thewebways is getting, so the Akismet team is definitely working on stopping it. I’ll let them know that your site is having the issue too. Meanwhile, please do keep marking as “spam”, that will help Akismet learn as well.



    Thanks. I’m marking it as junk mail with my email program. I’m not sure how to mark it as spam from within wordpress.




    Dashboard >> Feedback’s >> when you mouse over the contact form you will see a red “Spam” just below the text – click on that



    Thanks, that helped. All the stuff that’s been coming to my email was already marked as spam in wordpress. I just deleted it, 500 some pieces of it.



    Hello! I have been having a similar problem with a huge increase of spam on my contact form. I receive about 20 spam mails via the contact form every day.

    Since January 2013, Akismet has caught over 1700 feedback spam!

    I have contacted Support and I have been marking the feedback that hasn’t been filtered as Spam, but this takes so much time.

    Has this been an issue with other WordPress Blogs?

    Here is my blog:

    Here is my contact form page:



    Hi smawby, thank you for the report, I’ll let the Akismet team know. If you need anythinging else, please open a new thread, and add the “modlook” tag to it so that we don’t miss it. Thank you!

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