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"Feedback" to my feedback question?

  1. If I put post into the "feedback" area, how will I know when/if it gets looked at. Is there a special place where they put responses that I have not found yet, or do they just e-mail me? I submitted a query about my inability to get the "categories" function to work about 36 hours ago, but have not had any response yet - that I am aware of, anyways.

  2. They will email you. But they are very busy. Do not expect it right away, unless you talk to them enough that they know who you are. But they will get to you, just be patient.

    I can tell you that if the answers are in the FAQ or in the forums, chances are they will not respond much, so your best bet is to always search those first before leaving feedback.

    The feedback is more for bug reporting and/or suggestions, I'd say.

    The FAQ is self explanatory and the forums are for information sharing, so try to always seek those for answers first.

  3. What issue are you having with the category system?

  4. I cannot add any categories. I have tried it from both the "Manage - Categories - Add" page and from the "Write Post" page.

  5. That was happening to me when I first started; someone kindly went under the hood and whacked something back into place, and it's fine now.

    Love your dog, btw.

  6. Check your email spam file, too. Mine always went there and I didn't find them for ages.

  7. Okay - its been a week now since I sent my msg to "feedback": is ANYBODY home?

  8. I'm home 7 days a week.
    Please send it again?

  9. Comming to you momentarily via the "feedback' function.

  10. This may or may not be relevant to your issue right now but may be useful for the future. To know if someone as responded after you to an issue in the forum look at the top of the forum page for the "View your profile" link. It gives a list of your comments, posts, when you last responded, updates saves having to skim through the list of topics in the forum to find yours just to find no one has responded yet.

    This would be a good time for me to say I was maybe a little harsh in the forums before about stuff not working quite as I'd expect. WordPress is Open Source, it is largely a volunteer led arena, and as such questions are likely to be answered by fellow members than the little time the administrators have.

    Problems happen, they get solved.....such is life.

  11. Not sure that my 'feedback' went through - it didn't seem to "look" right when I hit the "submit" button, so I'll post it here as well for good measure.

    I am unable to create "categories". I have tried adding them as I write/add posts and through the "manage/categories/add" screen. I encountered this issue right from the start when I signed up with WordPress, & intially I asked for help on the support forum. Somebody there suggested that I scan for & remove "cookies", which I did to no effect.

  12. If feedback is malfunctioning (happened to me the other day) and you're experiencing a technical issue like this which only staff can help you with, try emailing [email redacted] from your normal email program.

  13. indyandy - I can't see anything from you. Wank's suggestion is right and yes I'll get it fixed.

    For the problem though, first try another browser. If it works - and it almost certainly will - and your original browser does not, it is probably cookie related.

  14. FILE THIS ONE UNDER "RESOLVED"! (out-bleepin'-standing!).

    You were right, Mark. As soon as I switched over from AT&T-Yahoo to Netscape Navigator I was CRUISING!

    Thanks a million ;).

  15. You need to come back here and change the drop down menu at the top to "resolved". Only the topic poster can do this.

  16. indyandy - before you get used to navigator, switch to Firefox 2 :) Much smoother ride.

  17. *chuckle* Can we send him or her through my link on ;)

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