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    Well I was going through all of the themes a few days ago, and found it hard to find one that had what I want. Some of the things that the designers did were not the wisest.

    I settled on the Ocean Mist theme, which I think is very nice, but it has two flaws that just don’t make sense:

    Font size is insanely small
    For some reason the date and name of poster “invades” the title of the post from the right side, causing the post title to look kind of awkward. The flow of a readers eye is left to right, so it doesnt make sense to have the direction of their eye as they are reading the post title be interrupted in the middle of the title by the date and author.

    As I said, I like this theme, but it could have been better with a little common sense.

    There was another theme I also liked, but the developer had pages listed across the top, above the picture, and then had a “Search” box which covered up part of the page names that one has added.

    WordPress, in its FAQ at

    comments that “We cannot alter a theme to accommodate your choice of font size. Please bear in mind that if we alter a theme for you then that alters the same theme for everyone else. They probably won’t like that happening.”

    I may be wrong, but I would dare say that just about everyone who uses this theme would probably prefer a larger font size.

    There was a previous forum poster who had the same problem with Ocean Mist font size,
    and was for some reason unable to change the font size via html. I was able to change it, but one has to go through and insert the html code for every single paragraph. Its a bit time consuming.

    Is there any way to give feedback to the people who develop the themes?



    I would dare say that just about everyone who uses this theme would probably prefer a larger font size.

    just about everyone? any proof? :)

    you could purchase the css upgrade which would allow you to change the font size or type. you could give your feedback to support, but i wouldn’t put too much hope on staff changing anything. if you want to give feedback to the original theme designers, you could google their websites but they can’t make the changes you want to work in as we can only use the version has.


    Well at least one other member wrote on this forum that they wanted larger text on this theme. And I think its just common sense that its harder to read extremely small font. Maybe we could take a poll of Ocean Mist users? Democracy at wordpress? : )

    Yeah I know I can purchase the CSS upgrade.

    Another aspect that I found to be kind of faulty: the text color of links is so close to the normal text color in some themes that you can’t even tell there is a link there unless you happen to move your cursor over it. Before I changed themes I resorted to adding phrases like (see link here) so that people would know there were links there.

    Another one: tags placed at the top pf the post instead of the bottom. If you want to use a lot of tags, its really going to get cluttered before the reader even starts reading the body of your text. But I guess some people might like having tags at the top.



    I agree that Ocean Mist needs a much bigger font. I had to stop using it because so many readers of my blog complained about it.

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