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Looking for feedback: new Vodpod tool to embed videos

  1. The team at Vodpod has created a cool new tool that helps with embedding videos on your blog. It's optimized for and we'd love to get some feedback on what people think.

    Install page:

    FAQ page:

    If you run into issues, please include your browser version, OS and URL.

    Thanks !

  2. It looks pretty cool although I'd prefer an option be able to save it as a post in draft.

    Nice work though

  3. Sounds interesting, although since only offers support for a few video sites only, does it work for other sites too? :)

  4. That is a plus! These people would like to cooperate! Nice move! :-D)))

  5. @raanan
    Can you be of help to ratrafun in this vodpod thread?

  6. coolio

  7. I can confirm that this works for e.g. Veoh :) It would be nice to be able to edit the post properly first before publishing, but I guess this is a good compromise~ I'm using the bookmarklet - and it works great! I always edit the post afterwards to position the video elsewhere. Thanks for this cool new plugin!

  8. thanks for all the feedback.

    @redwinegums: Not super obvious, but you can indeed save the post as a draft. Click the "details" link and then click on "draft".

    >does it work for other sites too? :)
    We are still evaluating all the feedback, but as it stands right now, it should work with other sites as well.

  9. does it works with animoto????

  10. If you click on raanan's username above you can post your question to his blog. I'm suggesting this because we do not see him post to the forum frequently.

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