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  1. I am trying to put "feedblitz" html link onto my wordpress site.
    How does one go about placing it? Through blogroll, RSS, huh, new to this stuff
    so help me out, please.

  2. I'm not exactly clear about what you mean. I have a feedblitz account without a link on my blogs so I assume that cannot be what you are talking about. You register for an account - no link is required. If, on the other hand, you want to post a feedblitz button on your website for your readers to use you will not be able to do so if that button is in javascript.
    If you have html script you simply place it into a text widget in your sidebar. As you have been here for 8 months I'm sure you will already know how to create a text widget and how to find the FAQs so I hope this covers what you are asking for.

  3. Uh ... not to sound too dumb, an 8 month old baby isn't into steak. Sorry, but I was unaware of the text widgets, but thanks to you I do now and it worked. Problem solved. Thank you very much.

  4. If it's just a link, I would have added it via the blogroll. Just make sure you assign it to a category that has posts within it so that it shows up.

  5. walkingthefenceline

    I can't get this to work in either a text widget or in a page.
    I am using Connection theme. I paste inexactly what it says at Feedblitz HTML generator::

    <form Method="POST" action="">
    Enter your Email<br><input name="EMAIL" maxlength="255" type="text" size="30" value=""><br>
    <input name="FEEDID" type="hidden" value="98447">
    <input type="submit" value="Subscribe me!">
    <br>Powered by FeedBlitz</form>

    but after I Save (text widget) or Publish (Page), it doesn't work and when I go to edit , I find this:

    <form Method="POST" action="">
    Enter your Email<br><br>

    <br>Powered by FeedBlitz</form>

    Part of the html has disappeared. Any hints?

  6. Forms are not allowed due to security concerns. You can find a list of allowed tags here.

    Hope this helps,

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