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    Hi Guys
    What is your opinion on using Feedburner? is it a good idea to use it? and if not why not?

    The blog I need help with is waynesmithrealestate.wordpress.com.


    Using it for what?

    Blog email subscriptions?

    Main feed for your visitors?

    Using it yourself to read feeds?



    Hi sacred
    Mainly for blog subscriptions, I see how you can set it up so people can subscribe to certain catergories only. Also what are the advantages – dissadvantages for visitors.
    Thanks in advance mate


    I’ve always used it for blog subscriptions, and the main advantage I see, is that if you move from here to a self-hosted blog, or a different platform, all you have to do it head over to feedburner, change to the new feed and verify it, and your subscribers never miss a post.

    If you use the service here, and then move, all your subscribers have to subscribe to the new blog all over again.


    hi, may i ask, what does the feedburner thing look like in my subscriber’s inbox?

    And I’m given like three options for the feed source. I’m confused now. There’s a feed page, an RSS feed page, and the Comments feed page. I’m sure I don’t want it on the comments, but what’s the diff btw the RSS feed and the feed?



    @teachersuzannah The Feedburner posts look good. I am subscribed to my own ‘feed’ as well as friend’s blog posts so I know if they turn out OK. I include a “Subscribe to Feedburner” link on the sidebar http://shimworld.wordpress.com/ for folks who appreciate being notified by email. Not many people like or use a RSS reader and a number of friends insisted that I email them new updates .. I got tired of doing that so I had them subscribe to Feedburner instead.



    I likewise use Feedburner on both my wordpress.com and wordpress.org blogs. The presentation is good as shimworld says. Like TSP said I prefer Feedburner because if I ever move my blogs I simply change the feed URL at Feedburner and those who have subscribed to email feeburner subscriptions are not even aware of the change. Please see here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/email-subscriptions/


    Hey there, I have a question you all probably know the answer to.

    So right now I just offer a regular RSS feed to my blog through WP. If I switch to Feedburner, do I lose the subscribers that I already have? Do they automatically get redirected?? I hear good things about feedburner but I wouldn’t want to compromise the people that have been following my blog up to now.



    Question: Do they automatically get redirected?
    Answer: No. They will have to click the link and subscribe via Feedburner.


    Your original feed coming out of wordpress.COM does not go dead if you list a feed link from feedburner. Everyone that has already subscribed via the original feed will still continue to get that feed.

    If I go to a site and decided to subscribe to a feed, and the site is using a feed service I don’t like, I poke around with URL’s till I find the original feed URL and then I subscribe to that. I like the clean simple original feeds the best.



    True. Creating a Feedburner alternative is just an alternative. It does not result in any disruption at all to those who have already subscrobed to the wordpress.com blog subscriptions. The readers simply have another choice. ;)


    Got it. As long as the people on my old feed will still be getting my existing feed (even if it’s not feedburner) than that’s all I wanted to make sure of.

    Thanks to both of you for the responses.

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