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    Can I enter my WordPress.Com Blog onto Feedburner? My Blogspot blog is there already. I need to know if I can use Feedburner for my Word Press Blog but I also need to know if there is any good reason to do so. I hear that Word Press.Com has it’s own feed. So (1) Is there any advantage to putting my Word Press.Com blog onto Feedburner and (2) Is it permitted to do so?

    I think Google is indexing my new Word Press Blog because I find it in search on Windows 7 operating system. I did verify ownership of my WP Blog to Google some time ago and I have allowed search engines on my private settings for the WP Blog.

    But I am still interested in having the Feedburner question answered.

    Please take into account that I am a total dolt when it comes to technical stuff and thanks in advance for any advice you might wish to leave for me.

    I love this place!

    The blog I need help with is americanliberaltimes.com.



    You have already gor RSS feed icon on your site and so it is all you need. It is upto your users to decide what they use to read your feeds. I prefer to use Microsoft Outlook and/or Windows Live Mail but you can use the offerings from Google as well.

    Hope this helps.

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