feedburner error msg i dont get

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    im getting this feedburner error message, any ideas?


    Your feed filesize is larger than 256K. You need to reduce its size in order for FeedBurner to process it. Tips for controlling feed file size with Blogger can be found in Tech Tips on FeedBurner Forums, our support site.
    Identify Feed Source
    Back to My Feeds

    The feed URL you entered is:


    We could not find a valid feed at that address. Here are some possible reasons this might have happened:


    Is the feed valid? Confirm its validity now.

    If you’re using Blogger, Feed Validator may call your feed “obsolete” and generate a bunch of errors. This is because Blogger is using an older feed standard (Atom 0.3) and isn’t a reason for concern. Learn more in the FeedBurner forums.

    If the feed is valid and FeedBurner still can’t handle it, let us know.

    You can also view this post on why feed validity matters from FeedBurner Forums.

    Are you using the URL of the web page or the URL of the feed?

    FeedBurner is usually able to “auto-discover” your feed from a web page, but in this case we didn’t find any related feeds. You may want to enter the URL of the feed directly.

    Is the URL is misspelled or a copy+paste action didn’t work?

    If that’s the case, please try again.



    Contact feedburner support directly if you don’t understand what they are saying to you.



    Try reducing the number of posts you have in your feed. A typical feed is ten. You may have more than that.


    This isn’t very helpful. Did this work for Eteraz? It’s been six months…

    I’m having the exact same problem since last week, and my number of posts to be syndicated is only five. What else might cause this?

    I’ll contact feedburner and eventually create a ticket with support here, but it’d be nice if this thread could be bumped with some added info. Thanks.


    Should add the feedburner error message perhaps?

    This feed is valid, but may cause problems for some users. We recommend fixing these problems.

    line 3762, column 133: description contains bad characters (5 occurrences)

    “… mic’s already here, only it’\x92s spreading over the web. Anyon …”

    The phrase: “we recommend fixing these problems” suggests feedburner can’t do anything about this but WP can?




    As no bloggers are chiming in with assistance and as I have no help that I can offer I’m going to suggest that feedbacks be sent directly to staff about this. Best wishes on securing resolution. :)



    Not sure why you don’t think it was helpful to eteraz. Her feed was too big. Only solution to that was to reduce it or get Feedburner to change the method of what they do. *shrug*

    And if you think Technoati support is hard to get ahold of…


    Best bet would be to edit the post in question and change it to something besides those characters that Feedburner is choaking on. A quick look at the post show that you are having some sort of issue since I see no less than 11 special characters in there. (ie All those question marks and the web browser not being able to display those special characters)

    How are you writing your posts?



    Oh, I just thought this was unresolved since there was no, well, comment to say it got sorted.

    Anyway, I never knew about these special characters. To me, in Firefox, everything looks alright, so…

    I used to write in Word and copy paste, but these days I just write straight into the post field at WP. It never was a problem.

    A funny thing: I went through the whole process over at Feedburner once more and they recognized ‘another feed’. So now my feed isn’t blah blah feedburner/nodependenciesnologo, but blah blah feedburner/ndnl.

    I changed my blogheader to ndnl, yes, but that was over a month ago and everything worked well and I really can’t see how that can have affected the feed. I mean, that’s just a little form field you fill in, right?

    I mailed 9rules about this (because they grab the feed from Feedburner) but haven’t got an answer yet. I’ll see what happens and if it persists I’ll try changing the post (don’t know about those special characters, though) and send feedback to support.

    Thanks for now – and thanks Timethief for chiming on your own ;-)



    Eteraz probably didn’t comment because he’s moved his site off WordPress now to eteraz.org, and back then there was no “resolved” marker available to forum users.



    I tracked down nodependenciesnologo problem to the Tarski theme setting nopaging and this is being picked up by the feed resulting in all posts being included in the feed. Ryan’s provided a fix.



    Good news! Thanks. :)


    Yep, it’s fixed and works. Thanks guys. Feedback and interaction with support was fast, friendly and effective. Great as ever!



    WordPress is the best! ;)

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