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  1. Is there a whay to make it so that when you click on the rss button in your blog, that it goes to you;re feedburner feed instead of the wordpress feed? Thanks!

  2. Well, the RSS feeds within your Meta widget are showing up correct. I've never seen that RSS widget before and I'm not seeing it now as an option while using the theme that you are using. Is this something you've added as a text widget? (I'm guess that reply would be a no.) I'd remove it and just let people use the links within the Meta widget or try to edit the links if you are able to. (Again, I don't have the Feedburner widget over here)

    There have been users here in the forum who have been pushing for the Feedburner plug in. I'm hoping that this isn't a rollout of this. I would hate to see visitors being requiring to deal with feedburner instead of the feed provider of their choice.

  3. Sorry for the late reply. The feedburner widget, is one I made usuing link categories. I just created a link category then put the links in w/ images. The reason I am usuing feedburner is because of the features they offer for some of the stuff I am trying to do. (such as create a Apple Dashboard widget, and such stuff like that)

  4. I have my Feedburner account added through the (now untouchable) link categories as well. I also pulled the Meta widget out of my sidebar to keep from confusing visitors. BTW, I really like that short RSS explanation in your sidebar. Is that a modified text widget or link category?

  5. YOu can still add link categories. You just go to Manage, then categories, then create or delete a category and then go to bookmarks amd select the category you just created.

  6. I'm still worried about what will happen if I accidentally assign a post and a link to the same category. I have no intention of being the first to try this.

  7. hi redgoat, can you tell me how you make that 'subscribe' category on your blog? and how you get those images like feedburner,bloglines i.e. to show there?

  8. it took a while to do so, but sign up for feed burner, then they will give you all of those images and links and you just add those to your bookmarks.

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