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    Hi. I have just moved over to WordPress.com from Blogger and have switched my custom domain (scrawledinwax.com) over successfully. I am trying to sign up for Feedburner but, when I try to add it, it says that the feed isn’t valid. Firefox recognises the feed, as does Google Reader, but Feedburner does not. However, when you attempt to validate the feed, Feedburner then says that it is valid – but requires that you add some HTML to the page.

    Could anyone offer any help as to how to get this to work? It’d be much appreciated.




    When you are at the “burn a feed” screen, enter your WP feed, which is yoururl/feed
    It will then give your your FB feed url. You don’t have to add anything to your blog unless you choose subscription chiclets afteer you have your fb url. Then the codes will be provided for you and you can put them into a text widget.


    Thanks so much for the response. I did as you suggested and am still running into the same problem – Feedburner says it cannot find a valid feed at that address (i.e. http://myblogname.com/feed/). Any more suggestions?

    Thanks :)



    I just went to http://scrawledinwax.com/feed/ and Opera asked me if I wanted to subscribe. So, the feed is there.



    After you log into Feedburner, does the first screen you see show you the title of your feed? If so, click on its name and on the very next screen, at the top left, is My Feeds. That should tell you what’s what.

    If not, what are you seeing when you log in?


    Again, thanks for the help :)

    I cannot get to the point where Feedburner lists the new feed. When I try to ‘burn a feed’, that’s when I get the error message saying that the feed is not valid. I realised, however, that the old feed is still there – it’s on a ’30 days redirect’ thing. Is that what’s causing the problem? i.e. the feed is trying to point to two ‘scrawledinwax.com’s’?

    Sorry – I should have mentioned that in the beginning.


    Terribly sorry – the overlap of new and old sites is definitely the problem. Clicking on the old Blogger feed brings one to the new WordPress site. I think I am going to have to wait for the old feed to, ahem, ‘burn out’.

    Again, sorry – I apologize for taking up your time and really appreciate your help.



    Not a problem. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve gotten help here.

    Since I just did a domain remapping I think you have an easy, more immediate solution. Just go into your feed details and change the source feed, leaving your FB feed url the same. It should be seamless after that. If it won’t let you, 30 days goes quickly.

    Happy blogging!



    scrawledinwax, I have this exact same problem. Did waiting 30 days work?

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