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FEEDjit help ^_^

  1. Hello, I just started using FEEDjit today, but I just have a question! Why does it say David's Blogosphere? I refresh and then it changes to Maracay's, and then it goes back to David's ,does it have something to do with the last person that visited my site? I just want to know what's that actually..and if it can be changed.

    Thanks a lot! ^_^

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thats how Feedjit works that little message is telling you where your visitors are from in the blogsphere.

    For example when I visited your site Feedjit changed to "Grand Rapids Blogsphere"

  3. Ohhhhhhh thats so good to know! xD Thanks a lot! I had no idea! it still says David though, but thats fine xD

  4. If your from David then yes you would see that when you visit your blog because Feedjit counts a hit from your visit also.

  5. FEEDjit doesn't work on my blog her at :(

  6. That's because you aren't getting the code fro the pore HTML version. The javascript version will not work here as the software strips the code out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.
    See support documentation

    HTML feedjit code for blogs, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, LiveJournal and Hi5 users >

  7. Typo correction - this in my comment above 1st sentence "code fro the pore " was meant to be " code for the pure HTML version"

  8. Any workarounds so I can use this with a hosted blog?

  9. Yes use the HTML version not the javascript version.

  10. Well, I have a free account (not hosted) and it works! Did u try pasting the code on a blank Text widget?

  11. I didnt because I assumed javascript was filtered out...I will try that. Thanks

  12. Didn't notice the big WORDPRESS.COM compatible link :)

  13. thank you timethief! I was playing with this for way too long!

  14. @noreligionblog and ellaonline
    You're welcome and as many people do not read all the way through forum threads, I'm posting that link to the HTML feedjit code for blogs, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, LiveJournal and Hi5 users again>

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