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Feedjit live traffic feed

  1. I really want to put a feejit live traffic feed on my blog and it seems thats its not possible. If anyone knows a way around this or something similar that i can put in please let me know!

  2. It looks like Feedjit's code requires javascript which is not allowed on blogs. See: "Javascript - can I use that on my blog?"

  3. You can use or get clicky ( Both are free. Clicky is great!!

  4. it doesn't look like either clicky or usersonline does what you are looking for.

  5. I should clarify... If you are looking for what I am looking for, then you want a widget that tells you where people are coming from...not just the count meter? Right? I had one on blogger, but can't seem to find one compatible with WordPress.

  6. If you find one, please let us know.

  7. Please see what Vanillalounge implied.

  8. You just add the code you want in a TEXT widget..

    see my blogsite here:

    I've got feedjit and flash in a sidebar text widget

  9. Is your site hosted here at WordPress.COM?

  10. No, its hosted on my own server.. should it make a difference?

    I've even got full html code on one page (for the flash widget at the top)

    Doesnt this work for you guys?

    WP 2.6.3

  11. It should make a really huge difference if you notice the sticky post concerning .COM/.ORG

  12. Good news for bloggers trying to add live traffic feed on their blogs. I did add Feedjit today, from Just HTML version works best on wordpress blog. So if any one interested viste their site.

  13. Hi Guys,

    Looks like ruchii is ahead of us (thanks ruchii). A few days ago we launched a Live Traffic Feed that is a simple image. It doesn't require any Javascript or Flash and will work on any blog. You can also watch your visitors arriving in real-time by clicking the widget. We hope you enjoy it! You can get the live traffic feed for your blog here:

    Also, once you install the widget, we include your blog in our Geoblogosphere which shows FEEDJT blogs that are popular for every city in the world.

    We hope you enjoy!

    Mark Maunder
    FEEDJIT Founder & CEO

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