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Feedostyle Problem

  1. I am trying to add a Feedostyle feed to a text widget. Feedostyle creates Xtml code which I have copied into a text widget and then added to my page. The box remains blank.

    anyone any helpful ideas?


  2. And an example of what you're trying to add to the text widget would be?

  3. I found an example. Feedostyle uses Javascripts and they are stripped from any user input for security concerns. See the FAQ for reasons and examples of why this is done.

    Why not just pull a feed normally via a RSS widget?

  4. I came across this feedostyle thing and it looked like a good idea, but it was not vastly important. It was more by way of learning what was and was not possible on a page.

    Thanksfor your help in taking me further up the learning curve.


  5. Not a problem. :)


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