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    Hi there, I wondered if someone could let me know if they see a feed in my header? I’ve been reading the forums for a couple of days now, and to be honest, feeds are still beyond my understanding. I’m new to blogging and what seems simple to a lot of you, is complicated (perhaps more than it needs to be lol)for me. Ideally, I would like for folks to be able to subscribe to my site.

    I have tried to put a widget in my sidebar, but it then lost all of my current sidebar so I removed it. I also read that you can add a feed to your blogroll, but cannot see how I can do that?

    It is really frustrating and exasperating and having no knowlege of HTML doesn’t help lol

    Anyway, this is my blog http://saikosetsuko.wordpress.com/ if someone could advise me, I would greatly appreciate it ^^

    Many thanks in advance




    No, I don’t see a feed there. A couple things, though: Once you add a widget to your sidebar, the default sidebar disappears and needs to be rebuilt with the available widgets. It only takes a moment, so don’t hesitate to do that.

    You really don’t need to know HTML; let the wordpress software do the work.

    Lastly, you do have a feed and your feed address is simply http://saikosetsuko.wordpress.com/feed/



    Thanks ellaella^^

    Basically, I just wanted my site to appear on a syndicate blogger, I have emailed the owner of the site to ask for him to add me. Does this mean that he can easily access my feed address and that I don’t need to to do anything else?

    Also, as I already have a feed, can anyone subscribe to my blog now?

    I feel really dumb asking these questions but this blogging is a whole new world for me, I’m still getting to grips with posting lol.



    You don’t need to do anything and if people use a feed reader to subscribe, it’ll find the feed automatically. You can also display an icon with a link to your feed in the sidebar, to make it easier for your readers to find it: http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/put-your-feed-in-your-sidebar/



    Thanks a lot, you have no idea how reassured I am lol, I was beginning to feel like Dorothy in Oz.

    So much to learn and it’s eating my blog time!





    Holy moly it’s me, sorry thought I’d resolved this little dilemma but no, it seems not.

    OK I followed the link for a text widget in my side bar, and reconfigured the side bar, all looks good.

    However, being a numpty, I’m not exactly sure what to type in the text widget, do I have to include all the following?

    <img src=”image-location” />

    or just this; http://saikosetuko.wordpress.com/feed

    Will the icon automatically appear, or is that where the “image-location” bit comes in?



    You need the img tag in order to display images

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