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  1. For the first time ever, I registered for someone's blog feed. And it was my own. :) I wanted to see what a feed looks like and what people see when they get my feed. The pictures come with the feed too! I never got someone's feed before. If I like a site, I just go to it everyday.

  2. Thanks drmike. OK, just checked. It shows 11.1 Feedster, 11.1 Web Browsers and 77.8 Other. I guess Technorati would be Other, right? What other ping services would be categorized as Other?

    Also, Web Browsers...are they automatically notified too everytime I update?

  3. Web browsers - no. This is people manually clicking on the link.

    I would have thought that Technorati would have it's own line but it appears that it doesn't. I would guess that it is under the Other category. (Really strange if it was since that seems to be the one people most ask about around here)

    I would think that is also under the other category. IIRC Feedburner has it's own line. Only one I see on mine is Bloglines.

    Anyone else know who else shows up in there?

    One thing you can do if you're really curious is make a Post saying that you've noticed that folks are reading your blog via RSS and you're interesting in knowing which service that they use. Might get a comment or two back.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Hi - not sure how long I should wait to see if there may be a response to my post - so please accept my apologies if I should be waiting, and appear impatient. (it said the topic is resolved but mine isn't) Is it possible for me to do something about the broken rss icon in my template (per my earlier post). It looks pretty awful - all the rss buttons are pushed out of order and there seems to be no way to change it as it appears to be in the template itself. Can anyone help/or poiint me in the right direction? Thanks very much.

  5. Is that orange thing on a text widget?

  6. Britgirl, I'm not sure what the issue is. From looking at your source code, I don't even see where that link comes into play.

    I do see issues with two other links within your Blogroll though that might be causing the problem.

    Feedburner - Image is pointed at 'http://britgirl.wordpress.comC:\feed-subscribe.gif'

    Google Reader - The image is pointed at '<img src='

    I would just go ahead and remove those and see if that helps.

    Nosy, yes but if you mouse over the broken link, it's for the Google reader but if you look at the source code, that link is no where near there. It's rather stange.

  7. drmike thanks for your very helpful reply. I removed the button for Google reader and the broken rss has gone, leaving the two remaining rss feed icons (comments full and feeds). To NS's point, yes, the source code was pasted into a text widget. Because of the large amount of unused space in the text widget after inserting my feedburner icon, I attempted to also include an icon for my Google Reader feed (i.e. I had the source code for two icons in one Text widget). When I did that, I got the issue that is the subject of my last post. I think it is very strange though, that more than one code snippet pasted into a text widget should produce that effect. Are we limited in area? Perhaps because it's a feed?

    I suspect that if I try to re-paste the source code in a separate text widget I probably won't get the same problem. I will try at some stage and let you know. For the meantime I am leaving my Google Reader as a link in my blogroll. I'm keeping my Feedburner link as an icon.
    Again, many thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

  8. You can have an icon for the Google Reader. The issue was that that the code for it wasn't there and what was there was not correct.

    An image link should look something like this:

    What I would do is follow the FAQ on uploading a picture and just use the URL for the picture that you upload. You don't have to publish the post. You can even delete it if you want to. The picture will remain.

  9. Thnaks, I will try this.

  10. I subscribed to my own feed to see what it looks like. But mine has two feeds. Is this normal? I subscribed to both but they're both the same.

  11. One's for the Posts and one's for your latest comments to your blog.

  12. I am submitting my feed to Yahoo. What do I need to place at the end of my site's URL to submit my feed in Yahoo? I have attempted to find the answer to this question, but have not been successful.

    Submit Site Feed

    Enter the full URL of the site feed you would like to submit:

    Please include the http:// prefix (for example,

    You can provide us a feed in the following supported formats. We do recognize files with a .gz extension as compressed files and will decompress them before parsing.

    * RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0, for example, CNN Top Stories
    * Sitemaps, as documented on
    * Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0, for example, Yahoo! Search Blog
    * A text file containing a list of URLs, each URL at the start of a new line. The filename of the URL list file must be urllist.txt; for a compressed file the name must be urllist.txt.gz.

  13. ummm ... this seems to be a second thread on Yahoo so hopefully the answers in the first one will suffice. Your feed is

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