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    I have a free web site, but it is not possible to use feeds, so I want to find out if it is possible to use XML feed on free web page at WordPress? Do I have to make a new web page at WordPress if OK with feed? Or can I convert the page that I already have?



    Hi @boligagentencbn,

    Could you confirm the URL of the site you are working on?

    With WordPress.com you can use feeds with the Freel plan as well. Your sites feed page address is usually yourawesomesite.wordpress.com/feed. You should be able to access all the XML data on the URL. It get’s updated automatically with updates. You can learn more about feeds here.

    Hope this helps, let me know any other questions.




    Thanks for your replay! My web page is: http://www.boligagenten.com and I made it at http://www.vistaprint.no

    I think my webpage is OK, but if I change to WordPress, I guess I have to make a new one from the beginning?


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    Hi JE,

    Thank you for the link. Your site is just using the WordPress Software at WordPress.org. It’s not a site hosted here on WordPress.com. These are two different platforms you can learn more about it here.

    Your best way to get help would be at the WordPress org Support site.

    This link could help you with the changes you need to adapt when you change your URL. The GUID note could help you. If you are still facing an issue, you might consider posting on the forums and some community member could help you.

    This forum is just for WordPress.com folks. Good luck with getting your feeds in place soon.

    Best Wishes!

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