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Feeds don't validate?

  1. This validator
    says it's not valid too, but it shows less errors.

    I just loaded your feed into my reader and it's all good.

    The root cause will be looked at but to be honest I wouldn't worry to much.

  2. "I wouldn't worry to much."

    I agree... click on his/her link. The blog has been deleted.

  3. Marc - in a different thread Danny was trying to remove the main dannytupeny account and use "easylinux" for the blog. ;)

  4. To follow up on the cause: If you validate and find that something called 'wfwcommentRss' is the problem, that's because the owner of the validator (nothing to do with WP) apparently realised that it should have been 'wfwcommentRSS'. So he changed the validator. I'm not sure he told anyone. It doesn't matter in the slightest. Really.
    But it'll be fixed.

  5. Marc, I have submitted feedback about the forum linking to my username rather than the primray blog, it's not that I'm a spammer of something! My blog (as shown in the validator link) is :)

    I was trying to submit my site to a feed listings site, which refused it "because it's not valid". It's not a big deal to me, I just thought I'd post so people were aware :-)

  6. Forget the feeds, my blog ain't even there! ;)

    I know, it's being restored, just wanted to get the jibe in! :o)

  7. Seems you're not the only one! :o(

    I guess this means my billions of very important visitors are dying without their fix of my awesome blog? ;o(

  8. Looks like is offline.

  9. @Marc - I fixed it. The address my name links to was from my profile, so now it links correctly to ! :D

  10. My feed does not validate either. Nothing y'all said above really applies, I think? Feed Validator says:
    line 1, column 0: XML parsing error: <unknown>:1:0: no element found
    "text/xml" media type is not specific enough.

    I have no idea what this means nor how to fix it!
    my current feed is

    help please!

  11. E., actually your feed is not found for some strange reason. This though is a back end issue and would be best resolved via the feedback system from your dashboard.

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