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Feeds, OPML for local wordpress sites

  1. Hi,

    Currently wordpress gives feeds for tags in local wordpress sites. for example, there is a feed for the tag tamil at . But, could you give feed for the whole site so we could keep track of all wordpress blog posts written in Tamil? Also, if you could publish an OPML of all the blogs written in tamil in wordpress we could make you use of that for various purposes. Say, people can try creating aggregators of different kinds for the content they get from language specific wordpress blogs.

  2. Hi there,
    You have posted to the forum but volunteers answering questions here cannot help you. We make no decisions so I'm wondering if you wouldn'y like to be sure that staff get this idea from you. Support hours are from Monday-Friday 8 AM- 4PM, Pacific time. You have a "support" button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page that you can click and use to open a screen and then copy and paste the information above into and send it off to staff for consideration.
    Cheers :)

  3. Producing a feed so wide would result in sploggers taking that and creating many blog with the content produced by others.
    The disadvantages far outweigh any adventage.

  4. hi timethief,

    thanks for the response :) since this said forum for ideas for, i posted here. i will post to support too !

  5. OOPS! simultaneous posting.

  6. mark, thanks for the response. i understand the reasoning. but languages like tamil and many other indian langauges have a very small blogosphere scattered across many sites like wordpress, blogger etc and they would like to sync the content from all these sites at one place for an easier reading. when we have tags like computer, internet which very well generate a buzzing feed, i think it wouldn't hurt to have feeds for the whole site itself.

  7. Considering the problems that we bloggers now have with sploggers, who are parasites that steal blog contents from others to gain the pennies that advertising brings them on their splog sites I think Mark has made the correct call.

  8. timethief, right now non-english non-roman script blogs, especially indian language blogs are small scaled, and ad programs like adsense don't even support these blogs. so the concern of sploggers earning money from these sites is not valid. By the way, if sploggers want to steal content they can very well steal from tag based feeds and always find innovative ways to hack the system. So, I don't support the concern. May be wordpress can enable the feeds until certain scale and then stop if the blogosphere grows beyond that. I think these kind of facilities will help a lot to nurture growing blogospheres instead of isolating them.

  9. @ravidreams

    Producing a feed so wide would result in sploggers taking that and creating many blog with the content produced by others.
    The disadvantages far outweigh any advantage.

    Mark made his call. The subject is a dead horse. There is no point in beating on it.

  10. And doing something like that would be a ton of code. Not an afternoon project.

  11. timethief, thesacredpath - just now i checked mark's profile. may be he is affliated with wordpress and i have to take his word :( i just though of an idea and a need we felt in the local blogosphere. it's up to wordpress to assess the complexity and risks. thanks all for the responses.

  12. @ravidreams, yes Mark is "staff" and part of wordpress. Sorry the answer couldn't be what you wanted to hear, but as the tamil blogging community grows, the splogger issue will come around to them, and at that time, they will all be wanting things taken down. I average having to contact 5 or 6 sites, or their ISP's, per month and I'm a small fish compared to a lot of bloggers out there.

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