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Feeds- Would mine work?

  1. First of all sorry to everyone. You must be really fed up of newbies like me asking similar questions over and over again. I know very little about feeds, but I noticed that my blog didn't have links to the feeds, so I created these links. All I'm asking is for someone to tell me if these are correct or not. If not, what have I done wrong? Cheers.

  2. All blogs here come with feeds. Are these that came with WordPress or did you do these yourself:

  3. I created the Feeds page as well as both the links on there. The theme I chose didn't have any feed links already in place. I take it these would work then?

  4. In your Presentation area, doesn't it have the option for a feed widget?? Maybe pick a theme with that.

  5. Oh, no it doesn't. Thing is I really like the theme I've got now, and I don't want to change it. What else could I do?

  6. I don't know anything about feeds. I just leave mine the way it came. It asks if I want two of them but I don't know if I need two. So I leave it at one. lol But wait till morning for someone who knows more about this.

  7. patriotsfanblog

    My RSS goes to is their anyway to change it so it goes to ?

  8. My RSS goes to is their anyway to change it so it goes to ?

    I don't think so.

  9. I can't think of any method.

  10. patriotsfanblog

    alright thanks : )

  11. Now if you really just want to hide the WP URL, sign up for Feedburner, give them the WP feed's URL, have them translate it into something like http(colon)// and give that out.

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