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Fesh & Clean featured posts images not showing

  1. I just registered a new domain and I'm loving the new theme Fresh & Clean. However, I'm having trouble with the featured posts. I'm playing around with it and my test post is featured, with the excerpt and everything, but the image in the post - which should be wide enough being 1000+ pixels in width - isn't showing.

    Also, as a general question, is it possible to have a static front page and have the featured posts show on every page, not just while viewing the blog page? It doesn't appear so. Is there any other theme where it does work like that?

    Thanks for any answers :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. a) Link to the blog in question please.

    b) See here:

  3. Ah, of course, forgive me:

    As you can see, the test post has an image if you open it, but it doesn't appear in the featured version. I can't find Fresh & Clean in the post you're linking to, I guess it's too new. Or am I just blind?

    I also guess that with this particular theme it's not possible to have featured posts appear on static pages...

  4. Static pages are static meaning they are outside of the "blog" structure so posts cannot be shown on static page.

    I just set up fresh and clean on my test blog, added a featured image to a post, updated the post and viewed the site and the image is there on the main page.

    You need to read through the Fresh & Clean theme page and look at the stuff on the featured (sticky) post and featured image section.

    Also, you really need to optimize your images for the web. The one you have uploaded is way TOO big file size wise and takes forever to load on my slower wireless internet service.

  5. @jozii: The image in your test post is a regularly inserted image, not a featured one. A featured image in Fresh & Clean will show up on the main posts page, no matter what its size, but it won't show on the singl post view. To set a featured image you upload it from your computer or select it from your media library and click "Use as featured image" instead of "Insert into Post". When you've done that successfully, the image will show up in the Featured Image module of the editor. If you're not seeing the FI module while on the post editor screen, click Screen Options (top right) to enable it.

    The link I gave was a reply to your "general question", but only because I misunderstood the question: I thought you were asking about featured images in other themes, so I linked to the post that says what exactly FIs do in each theme. (And of course the post doesn't include Fresh & Clean yet: the theme was launched just yesterday, and I haven't had the time to update my theme-related posts yet.)

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