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    Ok I eventually want to get the CSS upgrade, but having trouble and curious to find answers before I buy it.

    1. I got a css stylesheet from the wordpress template site themes.wordpress.net and just copy and pasted it into the CSS edit box. the result is that my column was on the bottom of the page and it just completely look ugly. Obviously this isn’t how its supposed to look. I want to preview what my blog will look like before I buy the upgrade…how can I do that when it doesnt even come out right? The only thing that changes are the colors of the text.

    2. This leads me too, when ever I want to do something like put in a custom heading or have three columns instead of two. Do have to do that manually by changing the CSS?

    3. Which then leads me to… What else comes with this upgrade? Does the dashboard change, do we get more templates, can we use html tags that we weren’t able to use before?
    Also does the CSS upgrade come with some sort of blog generator wizard for people who just cant seem to get this CSS thing right?



    DO not get the css until you have tried and tested in the free preview option!
    No, there are no wizards. CSS is a script, you need to understand it in order to change it. Please read the stickies on top of the css forum.

    The reason why your blog is messed up has nothing to do with the css – it is probably this:



    #1 – As you found out, you can’t do that.

    The upgrade allows you to change the look and feel of your blog’s template, not any underlying functions. The FAQ has full information:




    thanks I actually found a web developer program on firefox that has an easy way of doing css. Thanks for the website they were helpful.



    Sensico, can you tell me the site of the developer program u´ve found on on firefox?
    I want to buy css but I donb´t understand it.



    It’s a plugin for Firefox and it is available on the FF page

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