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    Few questions:

    1) I appear to have two Home Pages! One is a Post and one is a Page.

    I want to build a website not a blog therefore I don’t want any “posted by…” message on my home page.

    Building it for a client so want it to appear like a website not a blog.

    2) Also want full control over it.

    Is it easy to re-direct the client’s existing domain to my wordpress site (once its ready)? They’re currently hosted with 1&1 with email and everything with them too.

    Ideally they want to keep everything as it is – apart from the design.

    3) Once I upgrade to the ‘Pro’ Bundle can I play with the CSS to add a couple of blue lines to the theme or is it locked?

    Thanks in advance,


    The blog I need help with is 4runnersportssurfaces.wordpress.com.


    Update: I’ve fixed the first one myself – it was under settings, reading.



    2 yes, see the Domain Mapping documents in Support http://support.wordpress.com/

    3 yes, see the CSS forum guides


    thanks raincoaster, will take a look…

    is there a way i can add an image in this post of a visual of how I want to add the blue lines?

    can’t see any ‘add image’ functions on this forum


    all i can find out about is adding borders to posts or widgets etc – which is not what i want to do.

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