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    I wanted random pics form a photostream, not the latest. Is there anyway to do this?

    I used Flickr to make an html badge and pasted it in a text widget. No luck.

    Can I either make the widget display random pictures from a photostream? Or, can I simply paste html into a text widget (I thought this would l work).

    The blog I need help with is



    I cannot tell if you have read the support documentation and watched the video on the Flickr widget or not. If you haven’t then here’s the link to it >
    Hope this helps.



    Thanks for reply, but no, it does not help.

    The group pool I want has a lot of image but is not that active. I was hoping for a way to display random pictures form the pool. The widget only does latest which is very static if the pool does not update.

    To get around this, I tried to use flickr’s html badge application that seemed to write the html for me. I thought I could just paste this into a text widget box. But now dice. On the blog now is the code:



    There isn’t one. The Flickr widget is not really configurable, and the code for Flickr’s own widgets is stripped out for security reasons here.

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